Poster by Robert Del Tredici

Poster by Robert Del Tredici


Felix Del Tredici & The Whale's Lament

June 30, 2018. @ArtShareLA


What is it?

Whale’s Lament is a tribute to the victims of Fukushima. It is told through a whale diving to the bottom of the sea. He sings as he goes, diving through layers of radioactivity, garbage old and new, ghostly fishing nets, and oil spills -- all of it punctuated by underwater explosions -- to arrive at last in the realm of mermaids, lost cities, immortal fish, and pure, deep vibrations from our blue planet.

Part I: Earthquake

Part II: Tsunami

Part III: Meltdown

I have been inspired by a mix of images both real and mythic: sunken cities, sonic booms, ancient ocean immortals, Fukushima's deathless radiation, whales snacking on plastic bags that say “Thank You For Shopping.” Music by Alvin Lucier, Pauline Oliveros, Sandeep Bhagwati, Luciano Berio, Alexander Alyabyev, and Béla Bartók. Video by Hanna H. Walter. Slides and other images by Robert Del Tredici.

-Felix Del Tredici (

Who is Involved?

The New York Times has described Felix as an “extraordinarily versatile trombonist”, whose performances are “disturbing yet fascinating” and “hair-raisingly virtuosic”. He is a member of Ensemble Échappé, No Hay Banda, Fonema Consort, So Wrong It’s Right, and has performed with Klangforum Wien, Musikfabrik, Ensemble Signal, the Hong Kong New Music Ensemble, and the Lucerne Festival Academy. Since 2014 Del Tredici has worked as a research assistant at MATRALAB – a research space dedicated to interdisciplinary art in Montreal.

Joining Del Tredici for this journey will be trombonist Matt Barbier, and trumpeters Nicolás Bejarano and Ethan Marks. 


 Poster by Robert Del Tredici

Poster by Robert Del Tredici