The Beach Noise

March 2, 2018. @ArtShareLA


What is it?

"The Beach Noise" is the first installment of our new concert series, Carillon Presents. The program features solo trumpet compositions by California-based composers, performed by California-based trumpeters in the California-based heart of downtown Los Angeles. All of the pieces explore the trumpet's unique emotional and sonic possibilities, including but not limited to extreme dynamic shifts, incorporating the player's voice in a melodic setting, the contrast between noisy disintegration and heartbreaking purity, and the melting of musical notation into improvisation. 

Who is Involved?

The composers comprise varied generations and include David Aguila, Mark Applebaum, Robert Erikson, Saad Haddad, Robert Henderson, Anne LeBaron, and David Rosenboom. The performers are some of the most exciting young trumpeters, both emerging and established, in the California new music scene: Matt Barbier, Nicolás Bejarano, Noah Dugan, Cameron Kalemkarian, Ethan Marks, Alexandria Smith and Evan Wendell. 

Whats the Program?

David Aguila – Fukishima 9.0

Mark Applebaum – Authenticity & Entre Funérailles

Robert Erickson – Kryl

Saad Haddad – Shifting Sands

Robert Henderson – Variation Movements for Solo Trumpet

Kurt Issacson – When the canopy depicts figures of the victim, or victims, the cords are red to indicate places of contagion

Anne LeBaron – Way of Light