Stockhausen for 4 Trumpets


The Carillon quartet offers a two of Karlheinz Stockhausen's works as part of their repertoire: TRUMPETENT and MICHAELS RUF. 

The program Particles of Light, an all Stockhausen program, also includes the solo pieces EINGANG UND FORMEL (Entry and Formula) from DONNERSTAG AUS LICHT and OBERLIPPENTANZ (Upper Lip Dance) from SAMSTAG AUS LICHT. 

TRUMPETENT can be performed on any stage with a big enough space to fit the tent. 


TRUMPETENT was composed in October 1995 for the MICHAEL Trumpeters. They performed the world première on May 31st 1996 at the Philharmonic Hall in Cologne. This music is dedicated to all the trumpeters who play in the spirit of MICHAEL.

It is derived from the super-formula of MITTWOCH aus LICHT which is played in the tent. As the trumpeters circle and cross the audience, they delineate Michael's Cross, the symbol for Michael throughout the LICHT operas. Each trumpet player sports a different color as requested by the composer representing the characters in the opera: Permanent Red (Luzifer), mistletoe green (Eva), azure blue (Michael) and permanent yellow lemon (Mittwoch).


A performance of the opera DONNERSTAG aus LICHT (Thursday from Light) begins with the DONNERSTAG-GRUSS (1978). When performed separately in a concert, it is entitled MICHAELS-RUF-according to the meaning that Thursday is the Michael day in the opera cycle LICHT.

In 1994 Karlheinz Stockhausen arranged a version for 4 trumpets of MICHAELS-RUF for his trumpeter son Markus and his trumpet quartet (Michael Trumpeters). They played the world première on September 7th 1994 at the Chiostro di San SIlvestro in Genoa: Markus Stockhausen, Marco Blaauw, Andreas Adam and Achim Gorsch. It presents for the first time the themes of Michael's super-formula, which are heard throughout Licht, but are most predominant in DONNERSTAG.