What is Carillon Presents?

Starting in 2018, we decided to expand our concert output by starting a new series, which will highlight performers whose projects run parallel to the Carillon Quartet's mission. In this series we will curate concerts throughout the year, in order to continue to contribute to the new music community to which we belong. We will always feature exciting performers and rarely performed compositions,  helping to sponsor new music in many venues. Stay tuned as we unveil our new projects throughout the year!

Where do these shows occur?

Although most of the Quartet's activities are based in Los Angeles, we hope that our presence and connections in Europe and Latin America, will allow us to produce shows in many places. Please check our events page to keep current with out upcoming shows and tours.  

What's the next Show?

We are pleased to announce that our first Carillon Presents show will be on March 2, 2018 at ArtShare, LA. "The Beach Noise, California Composers by California Trumpeters". 

The program features solo trumpet compositions by California-based composers, performed by California-based trumpeters in the California-based heart of downtown Los Angeles. All of the pieces explore the trumpet's unique emotional and sonic possibilities, including but not limited to extreme dynamic shifts, incorporating the player's voice in a melodic setting, the contrast between noisy disintegration and heartbreaking purity, and the melting of musical notation into improvisation.  

For more details about "Carillon Presents: The Beach Noise" please visit the project page.