Nah und Fern
8:00 PM20:00

Nah und Fern

Music performed by Carillon Quartet with sound projection by David Aguila
Staging created by aLma.MaddR with director Brian Carbine

Nah und Fern is the biggest contribution to the trumpet repertoire that the Carillon Quartet has thus far brought into fruition. The idea is to create a live version of Kagel’s hörspiel in order to introduce it to new audiences. It seems obvious that in the 21st century, radio no longer has the power it once enjoyed in the post-war era. Bringing Nah und Fern into a live context is a way to preserve it and reintroduce it to concertgoers. We present an imaginative, unique staging that gives insight into the many dimensions of Kagel’s fascinating work. With brilliant playback reconstruction by David Aguila, the trumpets of the Carillon Quartet, aLma.MaddR and director Brian Carbine, this piece is now being heard live for the first time since its première in 1994 in the city of Utecht.

Carillon Quartet:
Nicolás Bejarano Isaza
Lucas Lipari-Mayer
Ethan Marks
Cameron Kalemkarian

Anabel Romero
Christina Ward
David Aguila

$5 Students
$10 General

Running Time: 60 minutes

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8:00 PM20:00


Join us for our first concert of the year 2017 at ArtShareLA! The concert will feature Triangles by Thomas Stevens, Pianissimo by Martin Smolka, Sofia Gubaidulina's trumpet trio, and other surprises!


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Awakening After a Musical Zero Hour, the Kölner Konzert
5:00 PM17:00

Awakening After a Musical Zero Hour, the Kölner Konzert

The title of this recital is shamelessly stolen from a chapter in Michael Kurtz's Stockhausen Biography. The recital is a celebration of the Köln based composers that revived music after the void of World War II. It is also a celebration of the return of melody to the serial movement in spectacular fashion (in the case of Stockhausen). 

The works featured will be the following:

K. Stockhausen: ARIES (1977/80) (the awakening)
K. Stockhausen: MICHAELS RUF (the internalization) 
M. Kagel: Nah und Fern (city landscapes) *live version created by the Carillon Quaret
K. Stockhausen: MICHAELS ABSCHIED (the lasting influence)


Nicolás Bejarano
Carillon Quartet (with special guests Dan Flores & Patrick Hoff)
Amy Golden: Laptop/Reconstruction of Nah und Fern

For the geographically impaired, the link is:

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